Parent Enhancement

A series of workshops that offer information and support for women in the community. The workshops consist of anger management, family violence, positive parenting, conflict resolution, confidence building, healthy lifestyles, injury prevention, tenant’s rights and information on upgrading and resources.


Parenting Classes

The Resource Centre offers a number of parenting programs. The focus of these programs is to educate parents on a variety of parenting skills. Some of the programs offered are:

  • Nobody's Perfect — developed by Health Canada this is a program used for working with and supporting single parents around the issues of parenting.
  • Without Spanking or Spoiling — This program combines four different approaches to raising children and offers at least 32 alternatives to spanking and 150 plus tips to solving common behaviour problems. All the information is presented in a way that is relevant to small children.
  • Stresses of Parenting — a program which assists with the pressure and stresses of raising children.
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    Trusteeship Program

    This program supports families experiencing stress regarding rent arrears, power bills and the possibility of evictions and disconnections. The Centre works with tenants helping them get back on track i.e. the Centre pays the rent and power bills, advocates to have power restored, negotiates with landlords regarding back rent, and arranges to pay on arrears.



    Women enjoy the benefits of nutritious low cost meal ideas prepared in a fun setting.


    Craft Program

    Gifts for friends and family, enhancing your home and letting your creative side create.



    We offer Advocacy for families regarding landlord/tenant disputes and legal issues. Attend court hearings in support of parents dealing with family, children`s services and criminal undertaking. Support non-custodial parents with meeting space and supervision for access visits.


    Fully Equipped Laundromat

    Hours of Operation -

  • Monday to Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
  • Friday: 9 am - l2 am
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    Exercise Room

    Exercise Room and Equipment open to residents in the community daily.